Save Your Breath

Breath Taker X Tricked Out X Nothing To Hide (4th Overall Crossbred Gilt 2021 Exposition)


Absolutely one of the most impressive young boars that has been assembled.  He will not disappoint you in one area.  Perfect moderation and length of body.  Long hipped with a massive round rib.  A monster rear leg that is as functional and square as you’ll see.  Strong, short pasterns with a great angle to his shoulder.  The visual he gives coming right at you will not be beat.  Head shape, neck set, and squareness blade knee to ground is extremely valuable.  To top it all off he is dark complected with awesome hair.  Save Your Breath’s Dam was our sons Breeders Cup gilt from last year and his Grand Dam was his 4th Overall Crossbred Gilt at the 2021 Exposition. Save Your Breaths litter was as deep and special as they come. We are equally pumped about his two littermate boars Inhale and Exhale.  Other littermate barrows and gilts are in the very best families homes awaiting the Midwest State Fairs.  We have as much faith in this  litter of pigs maybe as any we have raised.