Meet Us

STOHLQUIST SHOW PIGS is owned and operated by Ryan and Victoria Stohlquist and located in Northeastern Illinois. Farrowing competitive Crossbred and Yorkshire sows to develop outstanding litters for local and national shows. We are truly a family run business.  We have three children, Ethan, Isabel and Marshall, who are an essential part of this operation.  Our cousin Bailey Riley is our herdsman. My father and Uncle help keep everything running smoothly.

We currently consist of 150 sows and 15 elite boars. We have focused on building one of the strongest, most pedigree potent sow herds in production. Our objective is to continue to build around elite females to add consistency and predictability. As demand in the show pig industry craves the very best, we want to be the source. If anyone knows me I have always put an extreme emphasis on making show pigs sound and built right. The boars I chose to keep here are the ones that are capable of generating genetic advancement for continued success with this generation and the next. We believe these factors are the reasons why our pigs have become a huge threat in the show ring. We only offer our very best online! As the show pig industry continues to move at a fast pace STOHLQUIST SHOW PIGS will lead the way.