Our Sow Herd

Elite females that transmit their genetic profile on to their offspring do not come around everyday.  We have put a strong emphasis on building our sow herd around these types of individuals.  Our goal is to supply the families that have committed to our program the most predictable chance to hang a banner, or provide the next producer an opportunity to make genetic advancement when they purchase their next foundation female, sire, or semen.

Several genetic lines represent our sow herd with each one complementing the next. We have had several opportunities to purchase elite groups of sows from distinguished breeders and been able to capitalize on them.  It has been extremely exciting to build around these individuals.  It has allowed us to grow our boar stud, multiply our gilt pool, and win shows! As we go into the Spring, I’ll reflect on some of the sows that we are building around to give you a better vision of our operation.

No better place to start then the old Priceless X Fatal Sow.  Better known as Gone Viral’s Dam.  From her first litter farrowed by Insider to her last one we just weaned by Straight Up, she has never missed.  Her extended pedigree reads Priceless X Fatal X Wide Track X Tiger Paws X Rebound.  The bottom side of her pedigree originates from the famous Frank Davis herd I purchased.  Without doing much homework, I believe it’s safe to say it’s one of the most potent pedigrees put together.

In the herd today, we are building around her daughters sired by Iconic 49-6, Colt 45, 357, Ante Up, Insider, and Automatic. Trust me, there is a very good chance the next barrow, gilt or boar you commit to from us will have one of these females in their pedigree.

Be watching for 25-4’s litter out of Straight Up. It looks to be her best!!!!